eVestment GTAA Universe – Unhedged Annualized 5 Year Statistics

This quartile graph displays the DMS Balanced Composite by various statistical measures: Alpha, Beta, Information Ratio, and Sharpe Ratio, with percentile 1 marking the top of the universe.

1 DMS Balanced Composite includes fully discretionary diversified accounts utilizing a manager of managers approach with targeted total equity allocations of 37.5% to 72.5%. Due to the nature of our multi-asset class, multi-manager, custom approach to portfolio construction, client guideline restrictions and other factors, there is some dispersion for the returns of accounts included in this composite. Individual client relative objectives may differ from the composite’s relative objective. The inception date is September 1, 2003 and results are reported in US Dollars. All reported returns reflect the reinvestment of dividends, interest and other earnings. The returns presented are gross of DMS fees. A client’s return will be reduced by the management fees and any other expenses incurred in the management of an account. Investment advisory fees are described in Part II of DMS’ Form ADV. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results.