OCIO – Investment Outsourcing

Our process begins with you. Our senior DeMarche investment team works hand in hand with you to prioritize key investment challenges and opportunities. Together we develop a tailored investment policy that provides the optimum balance of return expectations, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, tactical positioning, asset allocations and manager selection criteria for your investment objectives. We understand that it is important that you make all the key policy decisions, with the help of our robust resources. Once the policy is set, you delegate the implementation to us and we get to work.

For many clients, we typically begin by performing an asset mix study, work with you to review or develop your investment policy, determine appropriate asset allocations for your funds and evaluate your current managers. Once we are responsible for implementing your policy, we replace non-performing managers and hire new managers as appropriate. We provide continuous oversight and assume responsibility for re-balancing the portfolio. Your involvement and workload can be reduced to quarterly review and audit meetings with your DeMarche consultant.

Our research and experience has shown that different economies create different investment markets and changing markets provide opportunities to exploit inefficiencies designed to deliver improved risk-adjusted results. Markets move in different ways and at different speeds that require continuous oversight. Our OCIO relationship with you will allow you to take advantage of these ever-changing factors by delegating day-to-day management to your dedicated DeMarche team. This is especially important for committees that only meet periodically.

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