GTAA – Global Tactical Asset Allocation

Our proprietary Global Tactical Asset Allocation model portfolio is a strategy designed to deliver risk-adjusted investment returns in excess of a defined benchmark (inflation plus 5%). GTAA is a dynamic global macro strategy that utilizes a combination of quantitative, fundamental and tactical analysis to actively shift assets around the benchmark.

The senior investment team has established goals and objectives for GTAA and defined benchmark targets and ranges for the portfolio. The broad policy portfolio targets will be 65% equities/35% fixed income and cash. This policy also permits an allocation of up to 25% in other opportunistic asset classes and strategies, including those which are less liquid than equities and fixed income. Our allocations among the various asset classes are dynamic and represent the DeMarche assessment that will deliver the optimum, risk-adjusted total return based on our view of economic and market conditions and forecasts.

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GTAA Philosophy

GTAA is grounded in the belief that that different economies create different investment markets, with changing markets guiding optimum choice of assets and styles.

Our investing philosophy is best highlighted by the following principles:

  • Tactical, dynamic asset allocations are effective at improving risk/return profiles
  • Emphasis on downside protection and capital preservation
  • Emphasis on active management over passive due to market inefficiencies
  • Use of contrarian strategies when markets deem it appropriate
  • Use of fewer managers to concentrate best ideas
  • Be patient and plan to be early
  • Emphasis on consistency and discipline