About DeMarche Discretionary Management Services

As investment fund sponsors become increasingly aware of the fiduciary, legal and liability responsibilities associated with their duties, they are turning more and more to independent institutional advisors to assist them in navigating this new environment. Today’s goals no longer stop with absolute — or even relative — returns, but with a myriad of factors, from regulatory demands to choosing from an ever-increasing array of investment options.

This is where DeMarche Discretionary Management Services come in. We provide clients with education on best practices in governance, long-term policy guidance, strategic asset allocation, manager selection and monitoring, and day-to-day investment rebalancing, while always adhering to your policies. Many DeMarche clients engage us to implement their distinct Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and/or Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) guidelines. Most importantly, we recognize that every client has different needs, so our experienced team of Portfolio Managers tailor each strategy to your unique needs.

Each client portfolio benefits from key market themes developed by the portfolio management team for the DeMarche Global Tactical Asset Allocation Model Portfolio. This extensively researched strategy begins with economic and market inputs, in creating an optimum adjusted risk/return profile. Your senior relationship consultant and the portfolio management team work together to customize the fit of our investment discipline to your specific objectives and investment policy.

Find out how DeMarche can provide you with the expertise you need to fulfill your fiduciary obligations, customize a plan just for your goals and provide investment management implementation so that you can focus on your primary governance responsibilities. We hope the information presented here gives you a good overview of our firm, but to learn more directly, just contact us and we will be glad to begin a conversation.

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