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Investment fund sponsors are becoming increasingly aware of the fiduciary, legal and liability responsibilities associated with their duties. Many are turning more and more to independent institutional advisors to assist them. The Discretionary Investment team at DeMarche has the expertise you need to fulfill your obligations, customize a plan for your goals and provide investment management implementation.

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OCIO - Investment Outsourcing Service

Is an outsourced chief investment office (OCIO) right for you? Does your investment committee struggle with sorting out the best alternative solutions? Do you worry about meeting your fiduciary responsibilities? Do you find it more and more difficult to choose best-in-class managers? Do you get bogged down considering alternative investments? Do you have limited internal resources and budget constraints? Most importantly, do you find it difficult to meet expected return targets in an increasingly modest growth environment? If so, you’re not alone. Perhaps one of the most important decisions any investment committee must make is to know when it is in their best interests to utilize an OCIO strategy.

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GTAA - Global Tactical Asset Allocation

Our best ideas for today’s markets can be accessed with a turnkey solution through our proprietary model portfolio -- Global Tactical Asset Allocation (GTAA). This model portfolio is based on over 40 years of knowledge in maximizing our client’s investment goals. Simply, it provides a dynamic global macro strategy, using both quantitative and fundamental analysis, to actively shift within a diversified menu of institutional asset classes and investment styles. Our experience, including lessons from behavioral finance, leads us to believe that, as economic factors ebb and flow, market opportunities exist that allow us to develop solid tactical strategies among various asset classifications.

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